Princess Diana's Palace

Princess Diana's Palace

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of the new girl Harry's dating? she apparently works for the Halo Trust and is Scottish.

Yeash I saw a photo of her. Well we don’t know for sure if they are dating but yeah she seems very nice certainly an improvement over the last one.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if PH suffers from dyslexia?

Prince Harry has said in private to his friends that he is dyslexic though he has never really spoken publicly about it.

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Anonymous asked: When shall we begin the countdown to Harry's next screwup? He's done so well (he's performed like a true king) and gotten such wonderful praise for his tour. Like always this will be followed by bad choices that will damage his reputation. I'm willing to bet that his first bad choice that will damage his image this time around is getting back with Cressida.

That’s a classic mistake people make, waiting for a person to make a mistake, it’s like in my job with children. Rather than looking for something good your just waiting for the child to do something bad and by doing that you create the notion that the child is bad. No your just not giving then child a chance or catching him doing good. Let’s look for the good Harry does rather than just waiting for the mistake.

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Anonymous asked: Thank God that at least harry knows how to dress appropriately on duty for public engagements. He changes his outfits to what is suitable and most comfortable for the different visits he makes. Unlike some other young royals... I'm looking at you, Kate and William

Well men have it a bit easier, I mean what choice do they have.

Black tie event = Black tie suit
White tie event = White tie suit
Formal event = formal two piece suit
Informal event = jeans and smart white shirt.

Hard to get that wrong.

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Anonymous asked: do you think william and kate mind when pippa does book deals and interviews? or do they give her their permission?

I’m not sure, but whether they mind or not there is nothing they can do about it Pippa is a private citizen and she can do what she likes.

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Anonymous asked: are prince william and kate popular or not? the media is very praising to them but the comments from people are always negative.

It’s really hard to tell because opinion pools are rarely done on royals, maybe once a year they are done. I think it’s kinda mixed with William and Kate.

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Anonymous asked: do you think kate cares whether or not the british public like her?

I don’t know…. I think it matters to her if the crowds who go to her events like her because she does seem to really like that attention.

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Good job

To be honest I came to your site thinking it was a catalog for Princess Diana’s picture as I’ve met her and admired her. I especially liked your post on whats wrong with RD and kinda agree. I only go there for the “Diana Photos” thread. I find it deplorable for the way they treat PM. I may not like WK but there is no way I’d ever criticize her as a mother without hard evidence.Keep up the good work :)  

_————————————————————————————————————..————————- Aww thanks very much. Xxx

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Anonymous asked: What do you think of dianas letter say that a crash was being organised?

I think Diana was in one of her deep paranoid sessions when she wrote that letter and said things like that to friends. She even laughed about it once she was in a mentally better state.