Princess Diana's Palace

Princess Diana's Palace

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Anonymous asked: Chelsy is a type of women (I hate to phrase is like this) the courtiers don´t want. I like Kate, but she will never rock the boat.

Yes… indeed. Kate is very happy to do as she is told and as you say not rock the boat and that is what the grey little men in the palace want.

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royallyofftherecord asked: If Harry worries about dating a "normal" girl because they would sell out, didn't a story just came out about a girl he dated while at eton? the girl that worked at a shop/grocery store? that was like, more than 10 years ago, and just now we are hearing about it. There a few rumor of "normal" girls he dated, nothing confirmed probably bc those girl keep it quiet. But when he dates someone from his circle it always hits the news. for me they are more sell out than the "normal" girls.

A normal girl would only have a little bit of money to gain and would lose a great deal of respect among her friends, family and country. But I worry that a normal girl would struggle with the challenges of dating a prince would create. She may live in a flat and the paparazzi can come right up to her down and peer throught her window not to mention the fact that she may not have the money to keep up with Harry’s life style of skiiing and high class boozing.

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Anonymous asked: would the british press criticize any of the female members of the royal family if they got plastic surgery? if kate got botox would they make a big deal out of it?

I think so but I doubt they would even publish that but it would undermind the meaning of the monarchy. Models and actresses get plastic surgery to maintain their worth the worth of royals is supposed to be higher than that.

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Anonymous asked: do prince william and harry split diana's jewels equally, or does william get more than harry?

Diana didn’t have that much jewels to split with her sons as all of her royal jewels were returned to the Queen upon her death.

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Anonymous asked: Recently Queen's 88th birthday last April, 21st. Can you list the top 4 best quotes from the Queen?

Oh yes that’s fun!

1, "Grief is the price we pay for love" she said this when visiting ground zero for the first time after the 9/11 attacks. I think this quote because it’s simple and true.

2, “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short will be devoted to your service” I love the determination and devotion this quote inspires even if your not a royalist you can’t deny the power of such a statement as it came from a 21 year old heir to the throne.

3, " Of course there were difficult times, but memories mellow with the passing of years" This was part of the speech the Queen made at the opening of Diana’s memorial fountain and I think it was a much better statement than the one that was dragged out of her a few days after Diana’s death. It was a very diplomatic way of saying “Diana and I didn’t get on and she caused me trouble but when it’s all said and done their is not sense holding a grudge.

4, "Quite simply he has been my strenght and stay these last 40 years" This was from a speech the queen made in regards to Prince Philip and I still think it’s a very touching tribute to a husband from his wife for his support without being mushy or cliche.

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Anonymous asked: Ayers Rock, kate wearing wedges to that place? wow, how dumb was this woman as she dont know what the accessory of the sport wear of the shoe is essential is to wear to rugged landscape there? wedge is for casually strictly only on platform or sidewalk not multipurpose as this. I think waity can go swimming wearing wedge when she go across channel from British to France wearing wedge in the future, with golden remote de la Stepford Wives.

I am amazed that people say Kate is down to earth when she seems to lack the most common sense. High heels and hocky, wedges on the beach and hair down the vast majority of the time.

I really think some one should advise her on her footware.

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Anonymous asked: In those recently posted gifs, Kate seems to be such a loving mom! And despite them being 'staged' I think she's genuinely a good mom. George seemed to cling to her quite a bit and seemed much closer to her than William! I think if she just upped the work ethic and started showing some real work, she would make a really good queen!

I must agree I do think she is a very loving mother and I completely agree if she upped her work load she would be an ideal Queen.

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Anonymous asked: why does cressida always look angry at the paparazzi? I'm sure kate carole and pippa always smiled at them even before kate got engaged. do you know if chelsy smiled for them too? does the palace give guidance for that sort of thing?

Well…. do you always smile when you are walking down the street? No people only smile when they have reason too and Cressida is not different.

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Anonymous asked: i know you said kate doesn't really wear high fashion but doesn't she wear alexander mcqueen and jenny pack ham? isn't that high couture fashion?

I did say that but recently she has been wearing alot more high fashion stuff.