Princess Diana's Palace

Princess Diana's Palace

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Anonymous asked: But this year (2014) isn't George first Christmas. He was born in July 2013.

Well…..I just embarrassed myself. :S

I suppose I meant it will be his first Christmas were he is big enough to go to sandringham and be with the Queen.

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Anonymous asked: I think its early to say but I think maybe kate middleton will snub Sandringham this year for xmas time.Her excuse probably will stay at Amner Hall not wanting to go to Queen's. That's what I think or my guess.. think she will do that?

I seriously doubt it as this will be George’s first Christmas and the Queen will insist that he is there.

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Anonymous asked: Waity kate been shopping again! I wonder does she brought along the body guard with her at both times?

Yes she will always have a bodyguard with her she doesn’t really have a choice in that.

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Anonymous asked: Where is waity? is she back home at Bucklebury to be fed by her mother? or at KP to watch Downton Abbey rerun and redecorate again her bathroom where she brought the mat? Amner Hall to try out one of her seven kitchen by nuke her one of steam of broccoli for lunch? or is she at Balmoral in the freezer box? or escape to Italy and laugh at Charles' expense??

I like to think she spends most of her time making loom bands. She does wear them after all.

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Anonymous asked: Wills back to round 2 (helicopter job part deux), oh really how exciting for him!!! He obiviously doesnt learn anything but a deaf ear!! No? nothing much of an improvement since he was all groomed for a future king goes to trash bin!! How sad that he expect anybody to cuddle, chauferred, babysit (expectally Harry to do that!), wetnurse from the middleton women.. It must be a bad gene from Duke of Windsor?

Why can’t just blame William, I really think that Prince Charles and the Queen need to sit William down and give him a lecture of what being a royal means and if he doesn’t want to be one he can always walk away.

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Anonymous asked: do you know if in the early years of marriage between charles and diana if some people perceived diana to be cold and false, in the same way some people accuse kate of being?

Oh my goodness No! For the first ten years of her marriage she was praised very highly for her warmth and caring nature.
However I will say that towards the end of her life people began to fell that she used her charities to get good headlines rather than really help her charities.

There was an incident in which Diana was visiting an aids hospital in 1996 and she brought along some American heiress was had got aids. The head of the charity was very angry about this because the patients Diana was going to see were very weak and their family members had agreed that Diana could see them but not anyone else. The head of the charity said to Diana’s PA ‘this is not a zoo it’s a hospital she (Diana) can’t just bring people in without telling me before hand’
Diana kept this heiress close to her the during the whole visit and the next day all the papers were filled with photos of Diana and the heiress not Diana and the aids patients at the hospital. But Diana knew that would happen.

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Anonymous asked: Do you watch Made in Chelsea ? I have recently become a huge fan and now I think I want to move to the UK , mainly London and get an apartment there hah cough *too expensive *cough :* lol either way if you do watch , what's your take on MiC?

I don’t watch although I was forced to sit down and watch a couple of episodes with my friends. I’m sorry but I find it so boring….. Shows like that really bore me.

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Anonymous asked: There are some forums where criticism about royals is welcome and some where no criticism is welcome at all , I mean forums are so ignorant and unbalanced when discussing they are either die hard fans calling critics venomous haters or they called fans brain dead sugar s I mean wtf .

*sigh* I know and how boring to be in a place were everyone is just agreeing with each other all the time,

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My thought about the whole Cressida-Harry thing is that it was pushed by the Yorks (esp Eugenie),Cressida family and some of Harry’s friends.She’s all the opposite of what Harry has always shown to search in for a woman and he was always so unhappy that that is the only excuse I can find for him not dumping her earlier.And if you notice Harry didn’t hang out anymore with his more serious friends (Jake,Tom VS,Mark Dyer and when Adam went with them at the football match he seemed like he was doing a favour to Harry) as they kept distance from him and Cressida,not approving her/them together.
But since the break up he re-started to go out with them and instead you don’t see him go out and about with Eugenie (when she’s in London and they seemed pretty cold at the Ascot),Skippy,Arthur or the Bransons who he was always with during the affair. I think that thing itself speaks loud.

Your opinion?

—————————————————————————————————————————————————- We can’t know for sure what the York girls true intentions were in pushing Harry and Cressida together. Maybe they knew that Cressida was just ‘good time girl’ and wouldn’t amount to anything but thought Harry would like the company anyway until he found a real girlfriend. I think perhaps his male friends would have seen that Cressida was interested in fame more than Harry so perhaps that’s why they kept their distance. It’s always awkward when family tries to set you up with one of their friends because when it all goes wrong it gets really awkward. I don’t think any permanent damage has been done to Harry and the York girls relationship they are very close and I’m sure once the awkwardness passes everything will go back to what it was before. Although I don’t Eugiene will be playing match making again any time soon.

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Royals doing ‘normal’ things spam

Interesting fact - These photos are the ones that Kate sued the photographer for taking not because she felt harassed but because William insisted that she sue to teach the paparazzi a lesson. So these photos are actually banned form being published in print but we can all see them online.

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