Princess Diana's Palace

Princess Diana's Palace

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Anonymous asked: what makes princess diana a hero?

To me,

Her campaign on behalf of Aids victims and the prejudice the face in the 1980s was very brave given the connection that Aids and Homosexuality at the time. Diana was future Queen of the UK and Head of the Church of England who to this day condemn Homosexuals and actively campaign to ensure they do not have the same rights as everyone else. So Diana was putting herself in a very tricky situation in terms of what the Church of England and Social Issues.

Also her Campaign against Landmines put her in even more dangerous political waters, MPS called her a loose canon and her publicity of the victims put their interest in producing land mines and making money from it in jeopardy. As Diana once said. “You can’t comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable”

Lastly, Diana was brave enough to recognise the demons she had in her own self and turn that into some thing positives, I’m of course talking about her Bulimia. She really spoke out against the popular belief that eating disorders were all about women being vain rather than a serious illness that we now know them to be today. 

That’s just some of my reasons I have more but that will do for now I think. :)

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